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Did you know 400 billions in Grant for people's needs will be given away by the Federal and States governments this year?  

Check your eligibility in 2min. It's easy and free.

MyGovernmentResources' mission is to help you answer this question by making the grant process clear, simple and accessible to all Americans. YOU included.

Previously only large companies with large financial resources used to obtain a grant for their projects because applying was bureaucratic, time consuming and complex. We made it easy for you to check your eligibility when you are looking at a grant for your personal needs or even a grant for your business project.

There are now equal opportunities for all thanks of our partners’ team of government grant advisors. With the latest information and technology these grants advisors will assist and advise you on how to obtain the right grant for your needs. These grant advisors will help you find a grant for your personal or business need at a State and federal levels. Finding a grant for your is now much easier and straightforward.

What types of grant for individuals and small business are available?

Here is just a sample:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Not sure which grant category to use or would like to apply to more than one? Apply in the general grant form.  

Who can check its eligibility and apply on a grant for their needs

Anyone, as long as you are a US citizen aged 18 or over.

Who can check its eligibility and apply?

A direct grant for personal needs or a business project is sometimes called "free money" because unlike a loan you don’t have to pay it back. Financial aid on the other hand (also called indirect grant) is different from a direct grant. Financial aid  usually comes in the form of a loan but at a reduce subsidized rate. In some cases the government will assume the collateral or provide a guarantee of your loan and in case you can't get a loan through a bank. For financial aid the government will also usually make your payments on a loan in case you are not able to do your payments. This allows you to save compared to traditional bank loans. Applying on a grant for you at a government agency is also less time consuming than the conventional way of trying to obtain a loan from a bank. A grant for individuals also has less strenuous requirements and paperwork. In other words a grant for individuals is simpler. If the grant for your need is reasonable whether it be a grant for your small business, a grant for education, a grant for home improvements or a grant for housing then chances are there’s a grant for you.

As long as the money for your need meets the government agency’s criteria it is yours to keep. Depending on the program you may never have to pay it back. It is also usually non taxable and interest free.

As an American citizen and tax payer you are entitled to this grant for your needs or a grant for your project. You don’t need a credit check, plus having bad credit or filed for bankruptcy in the past is usually not a problem. Collateral, security deposit or co-signers are also not needed on grant for individuals. This is just more reason to check your eligibility. It just takes 2min and the eligibility check is free.

How it works

  1. In order to start your eligibility check simply fills out the 2 minute questionnaire on our website. (You will not be asked to provide us with your social security number or credit card number.)
  2. Your application is then evaluated against a database with hundreds of government grant programs by a government grant advisor from one of our partners. This service is free of charge.
  3. Within a few business days your grant advisor will contact you by phone if your file has been retained. At that point they will explain the steps you need to take to receive your grant.



  • Simple, 2-minute process
  • Free eligibility check  by a grant advisor
  • Responses within 24-48 hours





    A grant for education or for educational purposes can be obtained either through the federal government or the state government. You maybe looking get a grant for school in order to return to school, finish your education, or further your education. Furthermore, a grant for education can applied to professional high school programs, and research. There are three ways in which a grant for education can come are direct grants that can cover the cost of several thousand dollars. The other is an indirect grant for student and their parents. This type of grant for education is a low interest subsidized loan. A scholarship grant for education is also a possibility. Grant for education and scholarships are given through foundations, both public and private. If you think you are eligible to receive a grant for education there are a few ways to apply; directly online at the FAFSA website, at the appropriate state agency website, or simply at your school’s financial aid office. Simply ask for information on grant for education. There is grant for education, simply check your eligibility. It takes only 2 min and it's free.

    For grant for business the contact agency for all questions and information is the SBA. The SBA does a great job in assisting individuals in finding and applying for a indirect grant for small and medium size businesses. The SBA is also responsible in determining eligibility and in giving a grant for small business (whether it’s an indirect grant for business startup or a grant for business expansion). Your state’s commerce agency can also be of help. A grant for business will most likely come as a subsidized business loan or a small business loan guarantee (also sometimes called grant for small business). Small business tax deductible projects and business tax credits are two other ways a grant for business can be received. A small business project can benefit from an indirect grant for employee training, a grant for r&d, a grant for new product or service development, grant for launching a new business, grant for new high technology development, grant for business capital investment and many more. Applying for a grant for business can seem overwhelming. That’s why we strongly recommend you start with the free advices the SBA has to offer. Simply check your eligibility. It takes only 2 min and it's free.

    A grant for housing and/or a grant for home improvement are given at the federal and state level. HUD is housing primary “go to” agency for all info and questions related to a grant for housing. There are local HUD offices throughout the United States.  Although you can apply directly to HUD or your state housing agency for grant for housing, some local home community non-profit organization exist that may have a grant for housing to fit your needs. There are direct and indirect grants for housing. There are a variety of grants, if you are eligible you can apply for a grant for housing, a grant in the form of low interest home loan, grant for home improvement (including expansion). Grant for mortgage insurance and grant for mortgage collateral guarantee. A grant for housing or home improvement can be used for both the interior and exterior of your home. A few examples of home grants are; grant for emergency repair, grant for improvements to roof and siding, grant for kitchen and bathroom renovations, and many more grant for housing projects. There is also grant for buying a home. To get the complete list of grant for home repairs contact HUD or your state housing agency. In other words there is many grant for housing. Simply check your eligibility. It takes only 2 min and it's free.

    A grant for minorities covers a very wide area. Because a grant for  minority touches many types of grants such as a grant for education, grant for woman, a grant for small business, a grant for housing and so on, you must refer to the above mentioned grants in order to know where, and how to apply. There are many opportunities for minorities with in the previously listed grant for you, due to the fact that the government has place a lot of importance on elevating the status of minorities by offering them various opportunities to improve their economic situation. In other words there are many grant for minorities. Simply check your eligibility. It takes only 2 min and it's free.

    A grant for non-profit organization is free. The organization is not required to pay the grant back. However, the government will ask the organization to provide statements and proof supporting the positive impact your organization had with its project. To be eligible for a grant for non-profit, the community group must focus on groups in their community or help the general public. A grant for non-profit is given to community groups who offer free health, services for family, assistance for home improvement and education. Non-profit grants are offer at the federal and state level.

    A grant for financial assistance whether it be a grant for housing, a grant for business, a grant for education and so on… come from different government levels depending on what you are looking for. There is a grant available for most individuals or circumstances. If a company claims responsibility for delivering a grant, verify their credibility, refund policy and guarantee before proceeding. For the most part grants are free and you should be suspicious if a payment is requested in order for you to receive the grant.  Keep in mind that if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.