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Did you know the Federal and State governments are giving away $350 Billions dollars in Grants for people's needs this year?

Check your eligibility in 2min. It's easy and free.

MyGovernmentResources' mission is to simplify the government grants process and make it accessible to everyday Americans like you.

You can now easily and freely check your eligibility when you are looking at a grant for your needs and project. In the past only large companies with money and power used to easily access grants for their needs. Why? Because the process can be bureaucratic, somewhat complicated and time consuming.

Our partnerís team of grants advisors have leveled the playing field by putting their knowledge and power in your hands. Assisted by the latest information and technology, their advisors will guide you through the process of receiving your very own share of grants for your needs and projects. These grants for almost any needs comes from mainly the federal and states agencies' programs. All you have to do to check your eligibility is filling a simple form in 2 min.

What types of grants are available?

Here is just a sample:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Not sure which grant category to use or would like to apply to more than one? Apply in the general grant form. 

Who can check its eligibility and apply?

Anyone can check eligibility on grants for their needs, projects, and financial aid, as long as you are a US citizen aged 18 or over.

Grants are not loans and that's why many people call them "free money". Financial aid on the other end sometime comes as a government reduced interest loan or collateral where the government back you in case you can't repay. In this case the government also grants you money at a lower cost for you, so you still save compared to traditional bank loans. Trying to get money through a conventional bank can be very time consuming and requires a lot of paperwork, only to find out you may be denied. These grants from government agencies usually do not operate under the same stringent requirements that banks do. Whether you are looking at grants for your small business, grants for your education, grants for home improvements or almost any reasonable need or project there may be available grants for you.

You have to know how much money you need, as long as it meets the government agencies criteria, the money is yours to keep and depending on the programs it may never has to be repaid! This money is usually also non taxable & interest free.

Most of these programs do not require a credit check, collateral, security deposits or co signers, you can apply even if you have a bankruptcy or bad credit, it doesn't matter. You as tax payer and U.S. citizen are entitled to these grants for your projects.

How it works

  1. You fill out a quick questionnaire on our web site which takes only 2 minutes to check your eligibility. (You do not need to provide us with personal information such as your social security number or credit card number).
  2. A government grants advisor from one of our partner, who has access to a database of hundreds of government grant programs, will evaluate your application. There is no charge for this service.
  3. Your grant advisor will then contact you by telephone to let you know if they retain your file and explain the steps you need to take to receive federal grant money.


  • Simple, 2-minute process
  • Free eligibility check  by a grant advisor
  • Responses within 24-48 hours





    Grants for business - Business grants are offered by the Federal government and state governments. Grants for small business or medium size business can be applied directly at the sba or states economic or commerce agencies. Most grants for business come in the form of subsidized business loans or small business loans guarantees. Other types of grants for business come in the form of business tax credits and small business tax deductible projects. These indirect grants for small business projects can be, for example, employees training, r&d grants for new product or services, business capital investment, grants for launch and expansion of new high technology business, and many other. There is also government money allocated to grants for women and minorities in the form of direct grants. In order to find out about grants for business in your state you should contact your local sba office and state commerce agency.

    Grants for housing - Housing grants are offered by the Federal government and states governments. Grants for housing and home improvements can be applied directly at your local hud or state housing agency. Some local home community non-profit also offer free grants for housing. Most grants for housing come in the form of direct grants or indirect grants for housing such as low interest home loans, grants for mortgage insurance, grants for mortgage collateral guarantees, grants for home improvements and renovations. These grants for housing can be used for example on home improvements, house mortgage guarantees, grants for home expansion, grants for home collateral, grants for home emergency repairs, roof and sidings improvements, grants for house interior and exterior. In order to have the full list of grants for homes in your area you should contact your local hud office and state housing agency. Local non-profit housing agencies also very often offer grants for housing repairs.

    Grants for education - Education grants are offered by the Federal government and state governments. Some foundations also offer grants for education in the form of scholarships. Grants for education can be applied to directly at the federal education office or online at their web site, fafsa online. Grants for education can also be applied to at your state education agency and also mostly at your school financial aid office. Grants for education come mostly in the form of direct grants for education worth a few thousands dollars and indirect grants for education in the form of low interest grants and loans given to students and parents. Grants for education can be used for some professional high school programs, college and university programs. Other grants for education can be used for research and development. Grants for education can be applied online on the federal government education web site, on your state education wed site or at your school financial aid office.

    Grants for minorities - Minority grants are offered by the Federal government, the states government and local community groups. Grants for minority comes in the form of many type of grants; grants for small business, grants for housing, grants for woman and grants for education. As the governments are trying to improve the status of minorities grants for minorities are offered to help minorities improve their economic situation. Grants for minorities needs be applied for at the relevant agency, whether it's for a minority grants for education, a minority grants for business or housing. You can refer yourself to the grants above in order to have more details on where you can apply on your grants for minorities.

    Grants for non-profits - Non-profit grants are offered by the Federal government and states government. Grants for non-profit are offered in the form of direct grant to non-profits community groups offering a vast range of services to the general or smaller group of the population. Grants for non-profits can be used for health care, grants for family services, grants for housing, grants for home improvements and grants for education. In order to find your latest grant offering you should verify the grants section of the relevant federal and state government agency. Grants for non-profits don't need to be repaid but the government will ask you to demonstrate the results of your grants for non-profit.

    Grants for what you can be looking may come in many different taste and flavours. Grants for what you need are free from the different government agencies. You do not have to paid to receive them. If you are looking for help in order to apply and possibly receive grants verify the credibility, guarantee and refund policy of the company. If the grants the company are telling you are too good to be true you should probably proceed with caution. Remember that grants for what you are looking for are probably available but they do not cost anything to receive.