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This year the Federal and States governments will give away over $300 billions dollars in and Loans

Check your eligibility in 2min. It's easy and free.

MyGovernmentResources' mission is to simplify the process and make it accessible to everyday Americans like you.

You can now easily and freely check your eligibility when you are looking at and loans. In the past only large companies with money and power used to easily access grants and financial assistance. Why? Because the process can be bureaucratic, somewhat complicated and time consuming.

Our partnerís team of advisors have leveled the playing field by putting their knowledge and power in your hands. Assisted by the latest information and technology, their small business advisors will guide you through the process of receiving your very own share of government small business grants and loans. These and loans comes mainly from the federal and states agencies' programs. All you have to do to check your eligibility is fill a 2 min simple form.

What types of and Loans are available?

Here are just a sample:

Who can check its eligibility and apply?

Anyone can check eligibility for and loans, as long as you are a US citizen aged 18 or over. Whether you are a man, a woman or a minority you can apply.

are not loans and that's why many people refer to  them as "free money". Financial assistance for small business on the other end usually comes as a government reduced interest loan or collateral where the government back you in case you can't repay. In this case the government also grants you money at a lower cost, so you still save money compared to traditional commercial bank loans. Trying to get money through a conventional bank loan can be time consuming and requires a lot of paperwork, only to find out you may be denied. These and loans usually come from the SBA or their financial partners using simpler and more expedited approach. Whether you are looking at or a loan to start your small business, to expand it, train employees, acquire new equipments and technologies or a specific for a woman or minorities there may be funding programs available for you.

You have to know how much money you need, as long as it meets the government agencies or their partners' criteria, the money is yours and depending on the programs it may never has to be repaid! This money can even be non taxable & interest free.

How it works

  1. You fill out a quick questionnaire on our web site which takes only 2 minutes to check your eligibility. (You do not need to provide us with personal information such as your social security number or credit card number).
  2. A advisor from one of our partner, who has access to a database of hundreds of programs, will evaluate your application. There is no charge for this service.
  3. Your business advisor will then contact you by telephone to let you know if they retain your file and explain the steps you need to take to receive or loan money.


  • Simple, 2-minute process
  • Free eligibility check  by a grant advisor
  • Responses within 24-48 hours





    Start Up Grant - The Federal and State government agencies offer grants for small business programs to help individuals start and launch their small business. These Federal small business grants programs are managed by the SBA (Small Business Administration). The main type of Federal government grants for small business is a grant used to launch new innovative businesses and process (named SIBR). The SBA also grant money to small businesses in the form of reduced interest loans or collateral guarantees (erroneously called government business grants by some). There are also government grants for small businesses programs offered by each state economic development agencies. State grant for small businesses can be applied directly at your local state economic or commerce agencies (most of them also have online application). Whether they're provided by the Federal or a State governments most grants for business come in the form of subsidized business loans or small business loans guarantees. Other types of grants for businesses come in the form of business tax credits and small business tax deductible projects. These indirect government grant projects can be used for, example, employees training, r&d grant for new product or services, business capital investment, grant for launch and expand a new high technology business. There is also government business grant money allocated to grants for women and for minorities in the form of direct business grant. In order to find out about government small business grants in your state you should contact your local sba office and your state commerce and economic development agency.

    Expansion Grants and Loans - The Federal and States grant money to companies looking to expand their activities by growing their number of employees, acquiring new equipment and technologies. Some states provide grants to companies looking to relocate or open a facility in their state. In these cases the business grant mostly come in the form of interest free or reduced interest loans and also tax incentives (reduced or deferred taxes). The Federal government and some State commerce agencies also provide government grants for business financing in the form of loans and expertise for companies looking to expand overseas..

    Training for Small Businesses' employees - You can find numerous state programs to help with employees training cost. Some programs target specific minorities groups while some others are available for all employees. It is important to mention some employees training programs are offered to small and medium size business located in designated economic development areas. For more details on these training grants you should contact your state economic development agency. At the federal level government business training grants also exist in the form of business employees training. To learn more about these Federal program you can contact your local SBA office.

    Women and Minority business grants and loans - Minorities small business grants are offered by the Federal government, states governments and some local community groups in order to help minority members launch their business. In the same way these same organizations offer business grant for women looking to start their first business. Minority small business grant comes in the form of many type of grants; grants for start-up, expansion, training, equipment and technology acquisition, cash flow management and feasibility studies. The same type of programs applies for women. The reason for these programs existence is governments are trying to improve the status of minorities and women; grants are then offered to help minorities and women improve their economic situation. Whether it is to launch a new minority business or a new women business grants and financial aid can be applied at your local SBA office or State commerce agency.

    The main fact to retain about small business assistance programs is no program is one size fits all. Every small business program exist to meet some specific business, economic or social need. Every program is different from the other and accordingly each one of them has different requirements. In the same way, each state has different programs meeting different needs and the Federal government also have their own programs and requirements. In other words, you may very well find a program meeting your needs.