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Reality check - You should never pay for financial aid.

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Everyone may feel short for a month or a few months once in their life. If it's your case, you're probably trying to find every possible way to get help.

There is help for most people. If can be social security for some, unemployment benefits for others, temporary food vouchers for some.

Which ever case you may be in please remember there's no magic solution for your situation. No money can fall from the sky within a day. If you're desperate be even more careful to not believe everything you may read online: if it sound too good to be true, it probably is.

Here are the basic resources available:

For seniors:

Social security, medicaid and medicare. Your local agency for aging.

For students:

The Federal and your State departments of education for financial aid. Other organization offering aid in the form of scholarships. Your existing or future school for grants and scholarships.

For small business owners and new businesses:

Your local. your State and the SBA for low interest loans and loans guarantees. For advice and help planning your business contact your local Score.

For renters, homeowners and people looking for health buying a home:

Your local, your State Department of housing, and the Federal HUD to find emergency help for repairs, low cost renovation loans, foreclosure prevention and some mortgage assistance.

Most popular programs:

Education: Non-repayable grants (112 votes)

Small business: SBA Express (56 votes)

Housing: Local home repairs (31 votes)

Minorities: Minority (47 votes)

Women: Women (23 votes)

Best reviews:

Small business: SBA Express 4 stars

Education: State programs 5 stars

Housing: Home Ownership 5 stars

Women: Women College Grants 4 stars

Minorities: African American College Grants 4 stars

For problems with debts:

First contact free and official credit counselling agencies close to you. Contact your creditors and ask for lower interest rates and/or payment plans. For bigger debt problem contact your bank for a loan. Cut your expenses and try increasing your income.

For everyone:

Don't wait. Act now. Don't be afraid to pick your phone to call for help. Call your local church and other organization helping people (big ones such as United Way, Salvation Army, and your local ones). Waiting just lead to bigger problems.

Very important:

If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Don't your problem(s) bigger. Act now, you can do it.

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Mygovernmentresources' mission is to demystify information about free financial aid and funding offered at every level of government. We provided free information about grants, aid and government money to thousands of people like you.

We do not offer financial aid ourselves. We provide public programs information in one location easily accessible for anyone looking for financial help. Go ahead, find the program(s) information you're looking for.

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