Grants for Women

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Rest assured there are lost of grants for women out there. But before going into an giving you more information about their broad categories you should know a few things. First yes, there are grants specifically for women but also that women are can apply to all other financial aid (or grants) programs. The government, its agencies and non-profits can't discriminate women so any financial aid or grants programs are available to women in general.

This mean all government grants whether they're college grants, housing grants or small business programs are available to women. So if one of these general programs may be helpful to you, you should apply to them. That been said there are also specific government and non-profits programs only for women. Lets look at some of them.

government grants for women Housing grants for women

This type of program are mostly available a woman with a low income. In general the government can provide monthly vouchers to supplement your income if you're not able to pay all your rent. There are also other home programs eligible to women where the government provides subsidized loans to fix a house, reduce mortgage payments or provide a guarantee a mortgage or may the mortgage insurance.

There are also non-profit groups offering money and programs to abused women, single mothers and women with low income. In order to find those you should contact local community groups in charge of such aid programs.

Women in college

Here again any college grants or loans programs is available to women who wants to pursue a college or university education. Most of these college programs are offered by the Federal Department of Education, your State Department of Education, your own college or university (visit the financial aid department). On top of these there are also scholarships offered only to women. Their goals are to advance women education in general and sometimes in very specific fields.

Small Business programs for women

In general any small business grants, loans or financial aid programs are available to women. This type of help is offered by the Federal Small Business Administration, each State Commerce Department, major cities commerce agencies and some local non-profit groups.

There are very little grants programs for small business, whether for women or the general public. Most of the programs are free startup and business exansion consulting advices and low interest loans to start and expand small businesses. You have more chance to find "free money" programs at your State level or from local community groups promoting new business and offering free start up advices.

Small Business Grants for women can also be found at a small number of companies’ foundations. These grants are usually offered to promote small business ownership by women and the requirements are usually a sound business plan, agreeing to receive some help or advices and to be accountable of your success or failure.