Frequently asked questions about government grants

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How much money is available?

The governments gives out about $400 billion in grants annually.

Who can receive grants money?

Governments give grants to 2 main types: 1- Non-profits, agencies and commnunity organisations that are in charge of providing services to citizens with their grants, and 2- to individials.

Lets say I get a grant, do I have to pay the money back?

A grant is not a loan, so it does not usually have to be repaid. That does not mean there are no strings though. You may have to demonstrate that the grant will be and has been use properly.

How does this work?

You can either find for grants information by youself by looking at different official sites like HUD, the SBA and other official government sites, or you can use free reference services like MyFinancialPrograms. submit a quick, two minute eligibility over the web.

Do I have to pay for a government grants service ?

All the information about government grants is available on government sites for free. Naturally there are companies out there that offer a service to find your grants for you. A word of advice, make sure you won't be charge every month if you are ready to pay for such services. Whether you want to pay or not is your choice. See it like a tax service; you could do your own taxes but you may also use a tax service for more convenience, At the end of the day, simply do a little reasearch on the company you choose if you decide to do so because there are a lots of scams out there.

Am I guaranteed to receive a grant?

No. This decision is made only by the government agency you are applying to.