Free Government Money?

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What's the deal with all this talk about free government money? You probably saw lots of advertising and web sites trying to sell books, services, guides and what ever government free money things they'll come up with next.

So is this "free government money" for real? The answer is yes and no

Free government money: myth or reality?

free government money The first part of the answer is yes, here's why. Governments at every level are awarding money to different organizations that are helping people. These organizations receiving money from the Government are States agencies, community groups and non-profits. The Federal government gives them money to redistribute it closer to where there are needs. This means the Federal government. for example, grant money to many organizations and groups but rarely gives grants to individuals. If you need and want to receive money coming from the government you have better chances contacting those local organizations instead of the government. That been said this not free money for these organizations. They cannot do whatever they want with the money. They are accountable for the results and projects they do with this money. And here's the 2nd part of the answer: no. As you can see the government is giving money but it's not free money; the money comes with obligations.

This little disctinction is what many companies and web sites are using to create confusion and sometimes even scam people in need. Don't fall in the mouse trap.

Still there maybe program's money for you

That been said governments have many programs for every group of citizen. There are housing programs for people who can't afford their rent, for people who need urgent repair to their home, help for people who are declined by banks when they want to insure their mortgage, etc. These are only some example of the programs offered by the federal government for housing grants. Each state and major cities have similar government grant programs to help improve home and housing in their community. Money spent locally is usually money well spent.

Theres are also similar programs for people looking to start of expand a small or mid-size business. These programs are mostly offered at the federal level by the SBA. Each state also offers small business programs to promote small business creation.

College and education also have huge grant and financial programs. The Departement of Education and each state have their own college grants and student loans programs. If you were looking for free goverment money for education this is where you want to look for for money; states' education department and the federal department of education.

Minorities have lots of government programs at their disposals; programs for homes, education, small business, etc. There are specific goverment grants allowed to minorities but many more organization are helping minorities starting businesses, going to college and having affordable housing.

What's true for minorities is also true for a woman. Many government programs are available to women who wants to start a small business, go to school or find better or affordable housing. These programs can be found at the federal and states levels but also to a lot of non-profits.

The real free government money

As a last note, you need to realize the government is giving away money to people in need but it is almost done thourgh programs everyone already heard of. Programs like Unemployement, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, etc. The other programs where the government offers money to anyone qualifying are through the housing, small business, education, minorities and women programs described above. And as you saw these programs are not free government money; they have requirements and the money is not automatically given for any purpose.

We hope this clarified and debunked lots of information you may have seen about free government money. We do not want to discourage you because if you're in need and need money for a valid purpose there are probably a program (grant, loan, or else) existing for what you need. You simply need a little time and patience to find the right one. What we recommend is to first start by contacting the government agency responsible for what you're looking. We hope you're now thinking differently about free government money.