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The elusive "money grants"... For many years now many unscrupulous advertisers and site owners have been twisting the term "grants" for their own advantage. They started using a term (grant) to create a new product and business out of nothing. Let us explain.

The government has always been giving away money to people in need. This is part of every government most basic goal; providing a safety net so its citizen can have the minimum required for their living. These programs have come in the form of unemployment benefits, social security, Medicare and Medicaid. Various level of government (Federal and States) started to provide money or help money to community groups in order for them to better help people closest to them. In this sense grants are given to local governments, community groups and non-profits in order for them to help people closer to them.

This grant money has been awared to these groups for many decades now. And these groups are in charge of distributing the money to citizen in needs. That been said the Federal government and the States governments rarely directly provide grant money to consumers.

Money Grant Myth

This is the opposite of what many sites, books and advertisers have been drilling into people head for many years now. Yes, governments are giving away grant money but very rarely directly to people. s you now know the money is provided through local organisation. So advertising free grant money is more or less false advertising from unscrupulous companies and persons trying to pray on people in need.

grant money There are now 100s of sites online trying to get you to pay small or big amounts of money for false promises of "free money", "free grant", "grant money", etc. You get the idea. Nice mouse traps.

The best cases where different levels of governments give money to people is indirectly. What we mean by indirectly is that the government will help you achieve what you can't by yourself or have you keep more money in your pocket.

Here's just an example. Let’s say you need to make some renovation to your house because the roof is leaking and you don't have a good credit so no bank wants to loan you money to make this repair. A government agency can then pay your loan insurance directly to the bank so you can get the loan. This way the government gives money to the bank but it's not going into your pocket and you can still fix your roof.

Money Grant Facts

The same is true for many type of programs; home and housing, small business, education, etc. If you're looking to find grant money you have better chances to contact some local organizations that are distributing it to the general public. If you're a Mr and Mrs Public who doesn’t have a low income the best thing you can get from the government for housing and small business programs are lower interest loans (than a bank), loans guarantees and collateral. Otherwise if you have a low income and can't meet month's end you can receive housing vouchers to help pay your rent.

So are money grants real? You be the judge. Simply be very careful if you pay for a "grant book" or a company guaranteeing you a check; this is simply false advertising. The best thing you can do is search the different financial help programs offered at the different level of government.

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